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Multi Maintenance Security

We provide and install a wide range of fencing, security fencing, railings and gates to provide security for premises in and around the Bristol area. Examples of our security fencing, railing, barriers and gates are below - please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

security fencing

Services we offer

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The welded mesh in Pallas fencing means each individual joint is welded, meaning that the railings cannot be pulled apart. The top of the fencing can spike for additional security, however, these can be installed at the bottom if you would prefer.

Palisade fencing stands as a cost-effective and popular choice for ensuring security in various settings, including local authorities, educational institutions, and childcare facilities. Beyond its practicality, palisade fencing boasts an appealing visual charm. Available in an array of heights and colors, these fences are treated with an anti-corrosion solution, guaranteeing their longevity and hassle-free maintenance over the years. Embodying both functionality and aesthetics, palisade fencing proves to be a reliable safeguarding solution for any environment.

Mesh security gates come in a variety of styles to suit your preference, from economy to anti-climb gates, choose what suits your budget and environment.

Gates can be fitted as single gates that lock at the side or double gates that secure in the middle. We are able to measure up for you and make gates to measure if standard sizes are not suitable.

See our Facebook page for multiple examples of these types of gates.

bow top railing

Bow Top Railing

Bow top railings are an affordable security solution often used by local authorities, schools, and nurseries as they not only provide security but are aesthetically pleasing as well.

The railings come in a variety of different heights and colours, nd are also treated with an anti-corrosion solution to ensure they provide many years of trouble-free usage.

Standard Railing

Our standard security railings provide a sturdy and robust solution for outdoor spaces such as parks, alleys and waterways. Not only do they look good, but they are also an incredibly affordable option.

Standard security railings come in a range of heights from 1.8 metres.

Standard Railing
Sliding Security Gate

Sliding Security Gates

These sliding security gates use a cantilever system, which removes the need to have a bottom track across the opening - i.e. it is self-supporting. This has multiple benefits - pedestrians will not trip when walking through the aperture and the floor below the ate does not need to be dug up to install the security gates.

Gates are available in a range of styles and heights, they can be used for openings of up to 16 metres. Once installed either a manual key lock or an electronic system can be used to operate the gates.

Security Barrier

The rising arm barrier is low cost, lightweight and comes in standard sizes (of 4m, 5m and 6m) as well as made to measure. These barriers are widely used in car parks and can be manually or electronically controlled by security, including remote operation by reception staff.

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The Turnstile is the ideal solution for pedestrian control. These security turnstiles are full height (i.e. not waist height) and it allows a full body to go through, stopping somebody from bypassing the security system. Entry can be controlled by a variety of methods including pass cards or a receptionist.

Roll Top Systems

In addition to system which have protrusions at the top of the security railings, we are also able to offer roll top systems which have an added element of safety, ideal for areas where children may be such as parks and recreational facilities, playgrounds and school security fencing

Roll top fencing

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